The Whole Ten Yards

I finally finished my latest read:  “Whole; Rethinking the Science of Nutrition” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, with Howard Jacobson, PhD.

This book is a must-read for everyone (so much so that I bought the audio version for my husband so he could listen to it to/from work)!  I wanted him to understand what I was trying to accomplish with my switch to a vegetarian diet (with the focus really on a “whole food, planted based” diet, or WFPB).

In the book, Dr. Campbell covers the flaws in our current system of research, agribusiness, politics, and even much-beloved charitable organizations.  There is a lot of science in the first part of the book, but the intent is to illustrate how current research takes a very narrow view (reductionism) as opposed to looking wholistically at nutrition and health.  Much of the book is maddening as he speaks about how grants for research are approved, how it is determined whose work gets published, how the media is led to report on said research, and, in general, how money corrupts the whole process.  Greed is at the center of it all, and there is no money to be made in people getting well by eating better (WFPB).

Dr. Campbell has spent over 50 years researching nutrition and has gone against his industry by challenging what has been ingrained in us since birth; that you need milk for calcium and meat for protein.  Any research to the contrary is summarily dismissed.

My personal frustration with cancer treatment is that it is pretty much reactive.  You have to wait to get cancer to do something.  There is little to no focus on being proactive… in preventing cancer (or heart disease, or diabetes, or any of a number of chronic illnesses).  This book focuses on prevention of these diseases through a WFPB diet, and provides the scientific reasons why it works (for those of you who might be skeptical and in need of objective data).  But Dr. Campbell also explains why you won’t hear any of this from the government, the medical and research communities, the media, or the various disease-focused charities.  I highly recommend that you read this book!

Dr. Campbell wrote another book, “The China Study”, that will be next on my list.  And then I think I will come back and re-read “Whole”.  There was so much information in it, that a second review will help me better absorb.  Also, his daughter published a WFPB cookbook titled “The China Study Cookbook”.  I purchased that last week and am finding some great recipes (well, they LOOK good on paper… I will let you know when I actually try them!).



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