Back to School

I continue to be surprised by the response to my presentation at the school on Wednesday.  Several students have responded on my blog, and I have heard from many others via their Moms on FaceBook!  Today, I also received notice that the presentation was featured on the school’s website.  I want to thank Christine for a beautifully written article… you outdid yourself and I’m not sure I was as good as your article alluded.  But thank you just the same.  For anyone interested, you can see the article here (I’m not sure how long they leave them up):

The most touching response was from a student who said she wants to work with cancer patients when she grows up.  She recently lost a friend to cancer, and her dad has lymphoma.  I was inspired by her drive at such at a young age and I’m sure she will do great things!

I’m so happy it’s Friday and I’m looking forward to a weekend of no major plans.  It will be nice to sleep late, hang out in my pj’s, and just putz around the house.  (Ok, so sleeping late might just be wishful thinking…I’ll be happy to sleep at all!)  I have a long list of things to get done so it’s nice to have a free calendar.  It doesn’t stay free for long, as the next several weeks will be quite busy with graduations, parties, and training at work.

Here’s a question for all my vegetarian friends (or anyone, really):  What kinds of vegetables do you grill?  I have grilled portobellos, zucchini, peppers and onions.  I know I can grill eggplant, but what else?  I’ve grilled corn in the past, but until I’m sure I”m getting local (non-GMO) corn, I’m staying away from that.  I’m just looking to expand my summer go-to options, when I’m grilling turkey burgers for the boys, so I appreciate your help.


12 thoughts on “Back to School

    • You lost on my the capsicum, Helen! I had to google that one. 🙂 Yes, bell peppers are another good option. Thank you! Someone on FB mentioned tomatoes. I’ve never done tomatoes on the grill (other than part of a ‘kabob); I’ll definitely have to try that!

  1. Michele, I bought non-GMO corn seed from High Mowing seed company (along with several other vegetables) and when it’s ready, there will be several ears reserved just for you! Thank you for teaching me about GMO, Monsanto, and juicing, a few ears of non-GMO corn is the least I can do!

  2. I had to go to the North Pocono website to look for information about something else entirely, and stumbled upon the story of your presentation. Since my son was an Emerald, he didn’t hear your presentation, and I didn’t know about it (till I saw it on the website). I remembered you from your very friendly greeting once at the Tasty Swirl (we have a mutual friend: Eleanor Reese)…I visited your blog and have been truly inspired by your story, your tenacity, your attitude, and your great sense of humor. As a writer by trade, I think what you are doing to chronicle your journey and to educate others (especially children) is invaluable. You deserve praise and applause for this…keep it up! I later learned that our sons both play trombone in the band, so I look forward to seeing you at other NP music events. I will keep you in my prayers…keep up the good fight (and the great writing)! 🙂

    • Sheryl, Thank you so much for your lovely email! I am glad you stumbled upon the information and appreciate your kind words. The experience with the Diamonds really was amazing. I was so impressed with the really great questions they all asked! It really is a small world, given all our connections. In addition to Eleanor and trombone, I also actually work with a cousin-in-law (I think) of your husband’s… Kara. And we were in scouts together (although Ethan had a different leader). Thank you for your prayers, and I’m sure we will meet again! 🙂

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