6 thoughts on “Sophie’s Choice

  1. Have a look at acupuncture to reduce the menopausal-type side effects. Quite a few of my clients use it and while it doesn’t get rid of the symptoms totally, it does help to reduce them. I hope you find something to help balance you out, sooner rather than later, the sleep deprivation alone is enough to send you round the twist.

    • Thank you! I have done acupuncture in the past for other reasons. That’s a great suggestion! I’d certainly settle for a reduction in side effects… and I’m sure I’m not even as bad as some. Some of the stories on the Internet make me feel grateful, but I’m only six weeks in. Five years is a long time! 🙂 Thanks again for the idea!

  2. I am taking Tamoxifen. I have the night sweats, but I am also over 50 so I think I would be dealing with that regardless. They are not too terrible at this point, more of an annoyance. My oncologist has offered anxiolytics if I get to the point I can’t stand the hot flashes and says many of her patients insist on them. I don’t want to take more drugs to offset the effects of drugs I am already taking. In the short term (during chemo) that was one thing, but not for the next 5-10 years.

    I have tired legs if I sit for any length of time too. I just figured it was still the after effects of chemo even though it is out of my system by now. I didn’t think to look at the Tamoxifen as the culprit. My first few steps are painful and I walk like I’m about 90 years old, but I quickly come out of it. I guess we just need to keep moving!

  3. I’m so sorry, sleep deprivation is extremely hard (and to have it without at least getting to enjoy a newborn, isn’t fair!!) 😉 I think the acupuncture idea is a good one. xoxo

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