Toy Story

Yesterday, my newest toy, the FitBit One, finally arrived on my doorstep.  I had been waiting for it all week, but thanks to FedEx, I received it three days later than expected.

At any rate, I’m already loving it, and my thanks to Lindsey at work for doing all the research on the fitness gadgets!  A group of us at work were looking into the right device to help us with our fitness goals.  We considered Jawbone, Nike Fuel, Gruve and the FitBit.  It was pretty unanimous that the FitBit provided the most functionality and was the most reasonably priced.  (And to top it off, my employer offered a discount!)

The device is pretty small and can be worn on your belt, in your pocket, or on your bra strap.  (The latter was not really an option for me…)  But it very securely attaches to the waistband on my pants and it’s small enough that it isn’t even noticeable.  I don’t even know it’s there.

So what does it do, you may ask?  It counts steps and flights of stairs climbed.  It counts calories burned and mileage walked.  There’s a cute little flower that grows when you are active, and shrinks when you spend too much time on your butt.  You can track food / calories and it even monitors your sleep patterns (very cool feature).  Night One, I was surprised to learn that I woke up a whopping 33 times!!!! (No, it was not a good night’s sleep.)

In general, my intent in purchasing this latest toy was to track my activity level and use it as a motivator to do more.  I even set silent alarms throughout the day that are to remind me to get up from my desk and move a little.  You can connect to friends (although I haven’t figured that part out yet) which I hope will help motivate the whole fitness gang at work.  There are at least 5 of us already who recently bought one, and a few more coworkers are in consideration.

As a follow up to yesterday’s blog… My mom and I were looking through some old pictures tonight, trying to find a good entry for next week’s “ugliest photo contest” at work, when we stumbled across the following photo.  While my hair is a tad shorter now than this photo, I thought it was pretty funny to see that my current style was my go-to style in childhood!  (Ok… my mother’s go-to style on my behalf!)  There are many more where this came from and it was fun to look through those old pictures!



2 thoughts on “Toy Story

    • I’m loving the Fit Bit so far (I got the FitBit One). It’s smaller than most of the others that we looked at, and I liked that you don’t wear this one on your wrist. I can send you the Excel spreadsheet with all our analysis, if you are interested in looking at that.

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