9 thoughts on “Brave New World

  1. Stand up and take a bow! This is the first step in your new normal! Love your courage and that you found you were accepted lovingly! So happy for you. I remember the first time I went out as well when my hair started returning…it was scary, but once I got over the first hurdle, my confidence returned and I was able to walk with my head held high, just like you do! Enjoy the freedom of a new head of hair and the joy in the wind blowing through your hair! 🙂 Big hugs

  2. I always think that people have such wonderful shaped heads when you see them with no hair… A friend used to look great .. No hair but she had huge earrings… What a statement…,strange how cancer makes us appreciate the small things in life.. Helen

  3. I am absolutely in awe of your courage and love reading about these new steps. As you do them, I think about how much I take so much for granted and love your look at everything.

    Again, I’m so proud to know you. So happy that so many years ago, we ran across each other’s paths and became friends.

  4. Enjoy the feel of the wind! When my hair was coming back in, and the wind would tickle through it, I could feel a tingle that, for the lack of a better name, I called LIFE!

  5. How wonderful! I’m so pleased to hear that your co-workers were loving and supportive. We’ve just started doing buzz cuts with my son and I love the feeling of his fuzzy head! 😉

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