11 thoughts on “Finish Line

  1. Love you, Michele, I am so impressed with the way you kept your chin up through all of this. You didn’t just weather this, you shared it with (so many of) us, and gave a peek in to the world of breast cancer from the first person perspective. I had no idea of everything involved in the treatments. You shared natural remedies and practices, recipes, a wealth of information. I learned about GMO food from you, and juicing, you made changes in my life without realizing it. I wonder how many other lives you touched and changed with this blog? I bet a lot. You didn’t just share your journey, you improved other lives along the way.

    • Love you, too, Tina! Your comments made me cry! I’m glad my writings touched people at least in some small way. Made it all worth while. And it felt so good to have so many of you along for the journey. It gave me great strength!!

  2. Michele – Congratulations on reaching the end of your treatments! Thank you for sharing and educating many as you moved through this journey. Blessings for a Happy Easter to you and those dear to you.

  3. Such mixed emotions when you finish.. There is relief at the freedom mixed with the …. What now? Will I be ok out there on my own? And as you say missing those people.. I wish you all the best with the next stage of your journey.. Be good to yourself…

  4. Woo Hoo!!!! You did it friend!!!! We have been through a lot together but this time was truly amazing. The way you kept your head up and fought this monster from day one. You have learned so much about yourself and this terrible disease all while teaching us along the way. I will never forget our first day of chemo or our last….what a journey friend. I know there is still more things ahead but you got through the toughest part. I’m so so proud of you! Love you so much my great great friend!!!!

  5. Yay! is all I can say!! I am sure that you have quite the feelings after all you’ve gone through! Be proud of yourself! You did this whole thing and you did it with class!! Great thoughts and prayers continue!!

  6. Michele: In your honor I’m going to drink a glass of white wine tonight! But seriously, I am so happy for you. What inspired me the most is that you really changed from this experience. You took something negative and really turned it into a positive. You are a different person; no doubt a healthier person than before. I admire how you used this to learn and improve instead of to sulk and feel badly for yourself. You are exceptional! Love… Karin

  7. Woooooo Whoooooooo!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so proud of you! As I have told you at times throughout your journey, you are an inspiration to all!!!! God bless you, and hope to see you soon! 🙂

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