The Good Doctor

Or doctorS, as the case may be.

Today was another crazy day.  Oncologist appointment and radiation, with weekly follow up by the radiologist.

So first, the oncologist:  I needed to get my port flushed and labs drawn.  As I anticipated, they were prepared to take six vials of blood, including checking of my hormone levels.  I reminded them that they drew blood for the hormone tests 3 weeks ago.  The nurse was very nice and went to check.  Lo and behold, I was right, so they only took 4 vials.  Hey, it makes a difference when you are trying to maintain good red cell and hemoglobin counts!

After my labs, I sat.  And waited.  And waited.  Almost an hour and a half before I got called.  Good thing I had a book with me (it’s not quite the same waiting without Leann).  After all that waiting, I then was seen by a student.  Ugh.  I’m all for education and I know they need to learn somehow, but I wasn’t happy.  It was just another delay.  And I think she wanted to impress me with how much she knew.  Needless to say, this just annoyed me further, since I feel I know a thing or two about my whole health situation and didn’t really need her input.  Some of the questions were really bizarre, too.

Anyway, by the time I saw the doctor, I was completely aggravated.  All this waiting and she really had nothing new to say.  My counts are good (as I expected).  I handled chemo very well (old news).  I was handling radiation very well (ok…).  And the hormone tests drawn 3 weeks ago were inconclusive and need to be redrawn in April.  In all, I felt like it was 2 hours of my life I wasn’t getting back.

Next steps on the oncologist front:  Labs in 3 weeks (why, I don’t know… no reason for my counts to be bad).  Genetic counseling also in March.  Return visit to the doctor in April to recheck my hormone levels, determine what medication I’ll be taking for the next 5 years, and make plans to remove my port.  (yea!)

I ran back to work for a bit before heading off to radiation.  All was going uneventfully, until I heard a large bang in the middle of receiving radiation.  They had to stop radiation, cover me up, and call for help.  After investigation by one of the doctors, they got the machine working again.

My appointment with the radiologist was quick and painless.  Less than 5 minutes, I think.  The now-standard questions and done.  Now that’s how to run a doctor’s appointment!

I’m looking forward to a normal day tomorrow, with no appointments!


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