Week one of radiation is in the books.  One down; six to go.

On Wednesdays, in addition to radiation, I get to meet with my doctor.  It was pretty quick and it was nice that they were relatively on time.  The nurse weighed me, took my blood pressure, and asked a few questions.  Since it’s only been a week, there were no expectations of skin irritation or anything.  The doctor arrived, also asked a few questions, asked me if I had any questions and that was it.  My blood pressure was still a little low (98/60) but I’ll take it.  (and no, I”m not disclosing the weight!)

Tomorrow is my last day on the mid-day appointment schedule.  On Friday, I will move to my regular time slot after work.  I forgot to ask if I have treatment on Monday.  It is a holiday, after all.

Today is also five weeks out from my final chemo.  And still not a hair in sight.  😦

I have been receiving a lot of compliments lately on my skin.  I don’t think it looks that great, but given the number of people commenting, I must be looking a whole lot better than I did in my chemo days.  Or maybe it’s the glow from my radiation!  Anyway, I thought I would share a few of my skin care recommendations:

First, a while back, I switched to all-natural skin care products made by family friend, Diane Strackbein.  You can locate these products at  I use the Face Cream, the Oatmeal Oasis soap, and the Orange Lavender Body Lotion.  My mom has been using the Tea Tree lotion and soap and it’s really helped her psoriasis.

Second, about a month ago, I started dry brushing, as recommended by my naturalist.  Remember, your skin is your largest organ.  Dry brushing helps with exfoliation, obviously, but also is supposed to increase circulation and eliminate toxins by stimulating your lymphatic system.   I was looking for a good article on dry brushing and stumbled upon this one.  I think it’s pretty funny, whether you buy into the concept or not:

And lastly, I’m drinking more water.  Green drink for breakfast, tea with breakfast, 2 big glasses of water during the day, and juicing after work.  For me, this is a ton of water, but I am still working on increasing it.  No soda.  Ever.  One glass of wine per month (ok, sometimes two).  Everything else is water!


3 thoughts on “Skin

  1. Bravo and sport for upcoming weeks . Hydration for me always a problem . So impressed with all your doing to enhance the experience . Wish I could be so goal orientated … But ,then again you always were ..ha. Following closely with progress. Luv ya

  2. take 2…lol
    you are amazing cuz! I love you…you are a trooper and I am so proud of you…thanks for the link for dry brushing. i am actually cooky enough to try this. sending all my love from Cali xoxo

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