Marked Woman

Today was my simulation to prepare for radiation next week.  It was an interesting experience.  It started with getting my “mold”.  That part I wasn’t prepared for (I don’t remember it being in the video).  While I lay on the table, with my arms over my head. the tech put this plastic bag filled with warm stuff.   That molded the position of my head and arms so that every time I go for radiation, I am in the exact same position.

Then she drew circles on my body and put stickers on me, and placed tape across my mastectomy scar before doing my CT scan.  Afterwards, she removed the stickers and gave me my three tattoos.  Ok, so you can barely see them, but I am officially a marked woman. The three tattoos are all out of view; I was worried about having one around my neckline.  There is one on my sternum, and one on each of my sides, a few inches under my armpits.  And the good news is that it didn’t hurt at all.  Yes, I’m becoming a big baby when it comes to getting stuck, and I was leery.  But it was all surprisingly quick and easy.

I return next Wednesday for my “dry run” but don’t actually start radiation until Thursday.  Interestingly enough, I won’t know my Thursday appointment until I show up on Wednesday.  Not good planning from my perspective.  It would be nice to know before then so I can plan work better, but I guess we’ll just have to roll with it.  The tech did promise to try to save a spot for me at my desired time (right after work).

Tonight, since I did have radiation as part of the CT scan, I took my 20 minute Epsom salt and baking soda bath, as well as my Thyrodine.

On a separate note, I was having a conversation with someone at work today regarding cooking oils.  It seems there are so many conflicting opinions on which oils are best for you.  I decided to do a little research tonight and found the following link.  While it isn’t necessarily clear cut, it summarizes the pros and cons of each type so you can at least try to make an informed decision, based on your personal needs.


2 thoughts on “Marked Woman

  1. Yet another cross to bear but don’t know anyone quite like you who has the processes understood, evaluated and accepted. You are an inspiration. I wanna be like you when I grow up .ha thinking of you and always in my prayers. Luv me

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