Return to Paradise

Yea!  I made it back to the office today!  It was great to see everyone, have someone to talk to besides the dog, and to have some good face-to-face meetings.  I was only a teensy tired at the end of the day, but otherwise I did well.  Tomorrow is blood work in the a.m. and hoping all is well there.

Tonight we tried a new recipe:  Black Bean Tacos.  I highly recommend them; they were delicious and filling.  I am actually quite full tonight.  The recipe is at:

Alas, no juicing tonight.  😦  Although, in order to not break his New Year’s resolution, Ethan drank some orange juice.  🙂

I’m looking forward to lunch out with my team tomorrow for a birthday celebration, and dinner out with the girls.  Yes, my taste buds are working their way back!



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