Zero City

I went for my blood work today.  I was really hopeful for decent numbers so I could return to the office tomorrow.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  My neutrophils were “super duper low” to quote Nurse Ashley.  Next to zero, in fact, at 0.2.  My WBC was below the cutoff of 1200, so I am now waiting for my prescription for Levaquin to be filled.  So two more days stuck at home.  I’m presently drowning my sorrows in a DD latte and a Boston creme donut.

Ok – so I couldn’t drink the latte after all.  It tasted burnt.  I’m not sure if that was my tastebuds or the coffee itself, but at least the donut was good.  Instead of the coffee, I washed my Levaquin down with some chocolate milk.  (I really can’t believe I have been drinking that stuff!)

I ended up taking a 1/2 day today and napped a bit.  Ethan was home because of a snow day and I had no meetings on my calendar this afternoon.  Seemed like the perfect set up for taking a half.  Plus, I did have to run to the doctor’s.  I was surprised to learn that today was my usual PA’s last day there.

I’ve asked Mom to make me some cream of potato soup for supper.  I really am a little sick of sweet things and keep searching for something substantial that tastes good.  I did manage a bit of Chinese leftovers for lunch, but that resulted in a touch of heartburn.  Fingers crossed on the soup!  And thanks, Mom!



One thought on “Zero City

  1. Here’s hoping to the soup tasting amazing! Hang in there! Counts will come back up and soon you’ll be feeling your best!!
    Take the time off to rest and regenerate. Prayers continue!!

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