Sunday Sunday Sunday

Another quiet day of lazing around, although I did manage to get the laundry done and the final Christmas decorations off the balcony and staircase. Oh, don’t worry; I napped as well.

My stomach is feeling much better, as I’m actually hungry, but my taste buds remain uncooperative. Nothing tastes good so I’m really struggling to find something to eat. I’ve been downing a lot of OJ which is helping my dehydration. Hard to believe that orange juice is actually tolerable by my system, but it is.

So tomorrow is my visit to the radiologist, so I’m looking for input from my fellow breast cancer chickies: any suggestions for questions I should ask? If you went through radiation, what did you wish you knew ahead of time? What side effects did you deal with? For whatever reason, radiation freaks me out more than chemo, so I’m definitely interested in your stories. Thanks!


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