The Longest Day

Let me start by saying I feel MUCH better than yesterday. Thanks, everyone, for your well wishes and prayers! That said, I’m still feeling like a slug. The belly issues seem to be gone, although I am still struggling to find something appealing to eat. A piece of French toast for breakfast, and some yogurt for lunch, is all I’ve tolerated so far. I’ll admit to being a little gun shy. But it’s certainly progress that I will take over yesterday.
Despite feeling better tummy-wise, I am still feeling weak. While my brain is suggesting that I get up and do stuff, my body is saying “you sit your ass right down until that thought passes!” I did manage to start some laundry, and I took a shower, but that has been the extent of my activity. Carrying the laundry basket down the stairs had me winded.
And so I have spent the majority of my day on the couch. Sometimes napping, but mostly laying here wishing I had some energy. Many thanks to my iPhone game friends for helping to pass the time. I think my family has abandoned me in favor of something more interesting (football and Legos).
The good news in this is that my symptoms seem more chemo related than illness related (or so I hope) which is a good thing. I certainly don’t want to catch anything this week when my counts are at their lowest.


2 thoughts on “The Longest Day

  1. So sorry you are feeling so yucky. You have been through a lot friend you deserve to just rest. Just say the word and I will be over to wait on you!!

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