2013 really started with a bang.  Ok, maybe more like a crunch.  The sound of crushing metal as I backed into someone in the parking lot after my doctor’s appointment this afternoon.  Ugh.  I was backing out of my spot and there was an ambulance and another car parked along the sidewalk.  So while I was carefully watching them, to my right, someone else had apparently approached from the left and I didn’t see them.  They blew the horn, but by the time I reacted, I had backed into their driver’s side door!  (Can I use the chemo brain defense?)  This resulted in minimal damage (that I could see) to my car, and a plate size dent in their car.  This is my first ever (and hopefully last) fender bender (unless you count that time that I bumped into my brother’s car in the driveway…) and I was really upset about it.

After speaking to the insurance companies (mine and theirs), and some of you who have had similar incidents, I feel a little better.  I am just thankful no one was hurt.  Somewhere in the process of getting my insurance card out of the glove box, I broke the door and it won’t close now.  But I can live with that until I can get it fixed.  (What the heck did I do to break it?  Beats me!)

I, of course, am holding the doctor’s office completely responsible  for everything since I waited 30 minutes for labs, and another 40 minutes for the PA.  Had they been on time, I wouldn’t have been backing out at the time that other car was there!  lol  Just kidding.  I take full responsibility.

But other than that, the day was great!  🙂  Half day at work that flew by.  Uneventful trip to the orthodontist for Ethan.  Yummy juicing.  And the PA said I was doing “perfect”.  Counts were great.  BP et al also great.  And the countdown begins to the final treatment.  The only thing is he keeps saying my weight is “stable”, while I see it as on the increase.  I am really looking forward to taste buds and healthy eating again so I can drop these added pounds, but I can be patient a few weeks more.


One thought on “Crash

  1. You need to take into account it WAS just Christmas…a cookie here, candy there??? Maybe that is why you are up a pound or two. As for the fender bender…indeed, no one was hurt and that is all that counts. As I tell my children, “The parking lot is NOT your friend!” You need 10 eyes all around to make sure you don’t hit another car, let alone a pedestrian! These things happen, what are we going to do? 🙂 Take it easy.

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