Since chemo started later today, I was able to get a lot done this morning: an 8:00 am meeting with my boss, some laundry, shopping for one last minute gift, baking chocolate chip cookies at mom’s, and some wrapping. I even managed a little nap before my dad came to take me for chemo!

I had to get stuck twice today because the nurse missed the port.  Thankfully it didn’t hurt too badly.  My blood counts were all perfect today.  Blood pressure 104/68.  Weight was up a little but he still thought I was doing great in that regard, even though I was seriously unhappy with the number on the scale.  We chatted a bit about some pain I had during the night.  The pain was behind my sternum and was likely related to acid reflux, but one’s mind goes to “heart attack”.  It’s only the second time this has happened and my logical brain is pretty sure it is NOT heart related, but when you inject poison into your body that CAN cause heart issues, the paranoid mind will obviously go there.  The PA did not seem too concerned and we will just continue to watch.

I am writing this at 3:15 pm and I am only on bag 2 of 6. Seems to be taking longer but perhaps that is due to the later start today.  And it is kind of dark outside.  Leann has been missing for some time now…she went for snacks…hmmm…

Oh, she’s back safely. There was a tea bag incident… I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

We have our favorite nurse, Renee, again.  She’s so nice and professional and yet fun.

Home by 6:00, which feels so late!

Cousin Denise and Ethan were at it again, with a food theme.  I got a “Happy Chemo Day” hug when he got home and his card read: “look, look, time to cook! Bon appetit! Time to eat! To a very special one, from your best and only son!” He drew pictures of kiwi birds in the card. I got a plate of fruits and veggies made to look like a bouquet of flowers (which I did eat!), along with a recipe book and wooden spoon. Pretty nice!  Thank you, both!’


And many thanks to the best chemo buddy ever!!! Love you, Leann! You make this so easy for me.


2 thoughts on “Five

  1. Ethan is such a sweetheart!
    BTW, I have to let you know what a great influence you’ve been on me. Todd bought one of those magic bullet juicer things, and we’ve been experimenting with spinach/fruit drinks. Since I started reading your blog I’ve switched my family over to more organic food and milk, lower sodium, and now juicing. Thanks for planting the seeds of good health!

  2. LOVE the fruit and veggie bouquet! Ethan and Denise should go into business! 🙂 Glad #5 is over…ONE more! YAY! 🙂

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