It’s been a busy week!  Last night was my niece’s last Christmas concert (she does band and orchestra), so it made for a late night for me and Ethan.  We didn’t get to bed until 10:00 because of home work and piano lessons all packed into the same night.  I was dragging a bit today as a result.  Tonight is now the 18th birthday celebration of that same niece but at least there’s time for Ethan to get homework done before dinner.

We added a new fruit to juicing tonight.  “Kiwi”!  Ethan loved it, and just loves saying “kiwi” even more!  🙂  KeeeWeee


Ethan juicing

Ethan also told me today that he went to the cafeteria for breakfast this morning to load up on more juice (he’s been a little stuffy and thought it would help).  So he had orange juice, apple juice and grape juice!  Now, I can’t vouch for the quality of those juices (how much sugar???) but I love at least that the thought of using juice to improve his health was there.

A group of women from work are forming a “health club” of sorts after the first of the year.  So far we plan to share books on nutrition, as well as recipes (preferably of the vegetarian kind), and come up with other ideas for us to get healthy, and stay healthy.  I planned to get back fully on track after my last chemo treatment and the return of my taste buds, but having a support group like this will be awesome!

Tomorrow is my day for labs and PA exam.  I can’t believe next week is my next chemo already.  These 3 week “sprints” (to use an agile testing term) really are going fast!  The next sprint should go even faster.  Chemo #5 – Christmas – New Years – Chemo #6.  Poof.


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