House Arrest

Day 3 of house arrest went well.  A lot of meetings to keep me busy, and my lovely niece / godchild, Miranda, came to visit after work for three hours of great conversation.  So nice of her!   And thanks to my work friends who kept checking in electronically throughout the day!

As I love to track these things, I am happy to say I am up to 13 countries of viewership (US, UK, Italy, India, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Russia, Japan and Taiwan).  Some are only one hit, so those were probably mistakes.  🙂  But regardless, it’s still fun.

Miranda and I tried some kale chips tonight.  We didn’t make themselves but rather I had purchased them at Wegman’s.  All natural and everything but we were both disappointed.  I thought perhaps it was my goofy taste buds, but based on both Miranda’s and David’s perspective, they were not so good.    I know some of you make homemade kale chips; I hope those are better tasting!  I sure hope the dog likes kale.

Tomorrow I will leave the house for the first time since Sunday afternoon (unless you count driving Ethan to the end of the driveway to catch the bus).  It’s time for weekly lab work and visit with the PA.  I am hoping my counts are on the upswing.

And I know you all want to know:  Christmas cards are done!  woo hoo!



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