Home Alone 3

I am really not a fan of working from home.  I think it makes the day drag. despite having plenty of work to do.  I didn’t have many meetings on my calendar today so that probably didn’t help much.   I miss the human interaction of people stopping by with questions or just to check in, watching the to and fro of the building, and just being able to connect.  My parents did stop by at lunchtime to drop off bananas, but it was a short visit.  Hopefully tomorrow will go a little faster, since I do have a few meetings and an interview to help pass the time.

I’m feeling pretty decent today although my nose is sniffly again (all clear).  I think this is just a side-effect of chemo and not anything worrisome, but every now and then my throat feels scratchy, so I get a little paranoid.  I was sure to make lots of good juicy juice to help combat any potential illnesses, and of course, I have been taking my Immune System supplements.

Kris Carr posted this on Facebook tonight, which I shared there, but I wanted to share here to0.  Seems easy enough, with major benefits.  To all you naysayers, I know it involves drinking water, and I’m really bad at that, but how hard could it be?  I’d really like to try it, and since I’m home most of this week, it seems like a good time to try.  I’ll let you all know how it goes.


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