A Christmas Carol

We had a Christmas-y sort of weekend:  I finished my Christmas cards (except for a handful that need addresses), we watched “Arthur Christmas” (very cute… a new Christmas classic, if you haven’t seen it yet), and attended the Musical Dreams Studios Christmas recital this afternoon.  Ethan did a great job, and I’m so proud of his ability to get in front of a crowd with such poise and confidence!  He does have a little bit of ham in him, though, and I don’t really know where that comes from!

I felt pretty good today, although it now feels like it should be time for bed and it’s only 6:15 PM.   I didn’t have a nap today, after napping for at least 6 hours yesterday, and I am feeling some fatigue.  We are currently watching “Elf” (for the third time already this year) and will be watching “Prep and Landing” after that.  Maybe then it will be bedtime!

We went out for lunch (dinner?) after the concert and my taste buds weren’t terribly cooperative.  While it was good, I didn’t enjoy it as much as usual.  I miss my taste buds when they’re are out of whack.

Nothing big planned for the week except working from home most of the week to avoid getting sick.  I don’t go back for blood work until Thursday this week, so I won’t know where I’m at until then.  This, of course, is the lowest week for counts so better safe than sorry, but I’m lonely already!  I do miss being around my team and other coworkers, but I know it’s for the best.  And in a few short months, hopefully, things will be back to normal.


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