The Plague

I worked from home today and received several more encouragements to continue to work from home due to the number of “hacking’ people in the office.  (Shouldn’t the sick people stay home…?)  But definitely a recommendation I will continue to take under advisement.  For the days that I DO need to go in to the office, I am going to look for an isolated spot and quarantine myself.  No entry unless confirming you aren’t sick!  And lots of antibacterials!

Today was my Neulasta shot and I got all my appointments lined up through Round 5, which is scheduled for December 19th.  With all the holiday preparations and festivities in between, I’m sure the time will go quickly.

I felt a little “off” today.  Nothing terrible, but my cheeks were pink and hot this morning, yet I didn’t have a temperature.  And I had the chills for a little while, but those went away.  I was queasy, but not terribly so.  Wasn’t sure to eat or not, but then I got the thought of Chinese in my head, so I stopped by for some take-out after my Neulasta shot.  It went down really easy, but afterwards I questioned the wisdom of that choice.

I took a quick nap in between meetings this afternoon but actually had a productive day despite all that.  Tomorrow is my planned day off for after-effects so I plan on doing a lot of sleeping.

And still no Christmas cards written out…


3 thoughts on “The Plague

  1. Yes, as Michele above me stated, “You’re amazing!” 🙂 If it make you feel better, I haven’t even ORDERED my cards as of yet. LOL! 🙂

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