I, Robot

9:30 am: What a nice change today! my portacath connection didn’t hurt!  (Thanks, Ashley!)  And the doctor was relatively on time, so that was nice.  It’s very interesting to me that the doctors and nurses in the exam room spend more time looking at their computers than at their patient. It makes the whole process seem somewhat robotic. I guess that’s necessary when you are pushing through the volume of patients this place does, but a little warm and fuzzy once in a while would be nice.  I will admit, however, that the nurses in the chemo area are pretty special.  We were very happy to have Renee again today.  She was the nurse for Round 1 and we feel a special bond with her!

I asked about a change in my “seromas”, particularly my right side.  The doctor felt that it was a combination of fluid and tissue.  She said that things move around as it readjusts to the new environment.  As a result, it could be tissue that I can consider having surgically adjusted at some point if it’s bothering me, but it really takes up to a year for things to settle in.  So I will wait and hope that it doesn’t come to another surgery.  It doesn’t really bother me unless I sleep too long on my right side, but I did want to ask since I noticed a change.  I was afraid to NOT ask and find out it was something I should have brought up.  Better safe than sorry.

11:00 am: Round 4 is going quickly. Hoping to be out by 1:00 and have some lunch.

1:09 pm: all done! Off to lunch. And not a single Christmas card written out! Oh well, the day is still young…

2:15 pm: Enjoyed a great lunch, although it was clearly nothing healthy:  a Texas wiener and french fries with gravy.  Hey, it’s what my body was asking for!  And I rarely partake in such fare these days.  It was tasty, but probably not the best choice for keeping my tummy settled.  We shall see how that plays out.

5:00 pm:  Remaining Christmas decorations completed!  All while listening in on a work conference call.  🙂

Ethan and cousin Denise were at it again for round 4…  Today’s gift was a skin moisturizer (see blog titled Bone Dry!) made from grapes!  So it’s kind of like wine for the skin!  I can’t wait to try it.  Ethan’s accompanying card read:  “Raise your glass… to silky smooth skin.  May your holiday be merry and moist!”  It has a lovely drawing of a wine glass on the cover and of the lotion bottle in the inside.  Thanks to Ellen (the brain child of these gifts with Ethan), Denise (the project manager) and Ethan (the creative genius)!

Dinner is being delivered tonight — thanks again, Sandy and Lester!!!  And after that, I may just get to some Christmas cards…


2 thoughts on “I, Robot

  1. Happy Round 4 is over. You have such thoughtful friends and family, and a charming little guy! 🙂

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