The Santa Clause

A busy day of Christmas preparations today.  I got some more wrapping done, rearranged the furniture to make room for the tree, and we got the tree up and lighted.  We’ll save  the rest of the decorating for tomorrow, when we all have the day off.  We enjoyed our first viewing of “The Santa Clause” tonight.  That one is sure to be replayed before the season ends!  Hoping to do some online shopping tomorrow to finish up some Christmas gifts.  While I’m not a fan of Black Friday, I’m all for Cyber Monday!  Why leave the house to shop if you don’t have to?  🙂  I’m glad to be feeling well these last few days before Round 4 so I can get so much done.

I was excited to see a new country added to my list of viewship:  Netherlands!  That makes a total of nine.  I continue to get a kick out of knowing that people have read my blog in such faraway places!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend!  Here’s hoping we survive the crazy week ahead!


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