I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!  I actually worked on Friday since it’s a great day to get a lot accomplished.  The office is typically very quiet and empty.  I enjoyed lunch with family, including my step-daughter who is home from NYC for the weekend.  It was great to see her after 3 months of being away!

Today was a day of decorating and wrapping for the holidays.  I’ve made a really good dent in the wrapping but it does seem to never end.  Hoping to put the Christmas tree up this weekend; maybe Monday when I’m off.

Next week will be crazy, since I’m really only in the office one day.  I took a vacation day Monday to spend time with Ethan since he is off from school.  Tuesday I will work, but it is also surgery day for my mom (she is having a pacemaker put in).  Wednesday is chemo, round 4.  It will be interesting to see how my routine is altered since my appointment is in the morning.  Typically I go in the afternoon.  Thursday and Friday are now up in the air a bit due to the schedule change.  Hoping to get a full day in working from home on Thursday, and then I’m usually out for the count on Friday.  And just like that we will be in December.

I enjoyed some leftover mashed potato pancakes this afternoon.  While not high on the health meter, I take heart that they were vegetarian, if not vegan.  And they sure were delicious!  It’s good we’re cleaning out the leftovers this weekend!  The fridge was overflowing (I’m blessed to be able to say that).

Latest sleep update:  I read the directions on the Tylenol PM (generic) bottle and was surprised to learn that the correct dosage is actually TWO tablets, not the one that I have been taking.  Duh!  It really made a difference in my sleep the last few nights…


One thought on “Weekend

  1. Best wishes to your Mom, she will be fine. Also, good luck to you with round 4…you are awesome! 🙂

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