Cousin Denise and Ethan were at it again.  Yesterday’s “chemo gift” included a Tigger figurine and a homemade card from Ethan that read:  “Hold on tight, You’re Bouncin’ through.  Bouncing through just like Tigger.  Reach the sky.  Be happy.  Almost there!  Love, Ethan”  His card included a hand drawn pop-up Tigger.  As always, these things touched my heart.  Thanks, Denise, for being the steward of these thoughtful gestures!  Unbeknownst to Denise, “Be happy” were the last words ever spoken to me by my first husband before he died, so the gift has a special, double meaning.

Mom made two vegetarian dishes for me yesterday, that I am enjoying still today.  First, a vegetable soup and a red beet-and-bean salad.  Both quite yummy!

For those of you interested in all-natural skin care products, please see The Indulgent Apothecary on Etsy.  The owner/creator of these products is a dear family friend and I am currently using the face cream.  I was looking for an all-natural moisturizer and found it here!  I look forward to trying other products.

Day after chemo has gone well.  I got a full day of work in, along with some laundry and a brief nap.  Feeling mostly OK, outside of hot and cold flashes, a sour tummy (to be cured by compazine any minute now), and those damn hiccups!  All things considered, doing well.  I went for my Neulasta shot this afternoon, Dad going along for the ride.  It was a quick in and out for that.  Interestingly enough they haven’t asked for the $75 co-pay the last two shots.  I’m sure I’ll be getting bills for those!  I did ask the nurse about my vision and she said that it can be impacted by the chemo but typically resolves itself after chemo is done.  That’s why they don’t recommend that you go for an eye test or change prescriptions for glasses during the whole process.  This coupled with turning 50 is making reading small print quite a challenge!

Tomorrow I plan to be off from work.  In keeping with the trends so far, I imagine I will be sleeping much of the day.  Hopefully, despite the warnings of my PA, I’ll be ready to “bounce” back by Monday!


3 thoughts on “Bounce

  1. Michele, Be comforted by the fact that Ray is watching over you. The “be happy” reference gave me the chills. (good chills) Onward and upward!! You,re awesome. Deb B.

  2. Hi Michele. I shouldn’t read these at work. You just made me cry!! 🙂 Thinking of you and hoping for a gigantic bounce!

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