I was hoping to go to the high school football game tonight, as it is Parents Night and I wanted to see my niece, Miranda, and my brother and sister-in-law on the field during the pre-game celebration of seniors.  The weather, however, had other ideas.  It is cold, damp and SNOWING!  Ok, it isn’t snowing a lot, but it’s enough for me and my immune system to stay home.  Considering I already have this sinus thing going on, I really can’t afford to get sick with Round 3 of chemo next week.  So to my family:  I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there.  😦

I am enjoying a quiet evening at home.  Ethan didn’t want me to feel too badly about my wig and thought he would join me.  Here’s his wig selection:

Can you say “polka dot afro”, everyone?  🙂  I may just try this at work one day…  Ethan also insisted on a title with the word wig in it today and this was the only one I could find.  It’s got an interesting backdrop in reality!

I’m so glad the weekend is upon us.  It’s been a long week for everyone, and I am tired.  I continue to pray for those whose long week will continue for many more.




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