What a long and unproductive day! SAFE at home but with no power. Made it hard to do much if anything. And the things I could do, I just didn’t feel like doing. All three of us were home, with school and work offices closed, and the most productive thing we did was to watch the movie “Gremlins”.

I am happy to report i have added another country to my viewership: India! That’s a total of 9 countries! So exciting! 🙂

The Butternut squash casserole was delicious! I will definitely make again, especially with 8 cups of squash in the freezer! I’ve provided the link to the recipe below. I’m saving the latkes for tomorrow night as its too hard to work in a dark kitchen. Tonight, it’s got to be something I can do quickly and easily without a lot of dishes! So pasta, it is.

For those of you, like me, still without power, here’s hoping electricity is not too long away. I have work tomorrow, and while I may not need to wash my hair, I sure would love a shower!



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