We wrapped up our weekend in Gettysburg with some shopping at the Gettysburg Outlets. We always manage to find some good deals on Christmas presents, as well as a few things for ourselves. I got myself a lovely purse and a new wallet at Wilson Leather, and a few tops at Tommy’s. We had a nice lunch with Marina before she left for home with her mom and aunt, and we picked up Ethan in Hershey on the way home. We finally got to celebrate Mom’s birthday with a family dinner to top off the weekend.

Today, however, my thoughts were preoccupied by the unexpected death of a coworker, an amazing woman who will be missed by so many. She was someone I had gotten closer to over the past few years as we worked together in the Women’s Leadership Forum. She would do anything for anybody, and always cheerfully. She was known and loved by everyone, and was a cornerstone of our organization. We will not be the same without her.

Just last week, I ran into her in the hallway. She was quick with a hug and was so happy to see I was doing well. She was very encouraging and shared many positives affirmations. That interaction was less than a week ago and I cannot believe she is gone.

Life is precious, and fragile. We should remember that with every interaction, every day, and we would do well to live by her example.


4 thoughts on “Fragile

  1. The tears I shed for our dear friend who has passed yesterday, have found some solace from the strength you have embraced and emparted on all of us. Thanks for your willingness to share and the positive inspiration you bring us everyday.

  2. Awww Michele, so sorry for the loss of your friend. Be comforted by all the smiley memories you had with her and know she’s with you in spirit.

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