The Continuing Story

As the hair (or lack thereof) adjustment continues, I have a few observations. 1) My natural color is way darker than I remember. 2) As a result of item 1, I can see a few more grays than I remember also! 3) I’m still shedding quite a bit, but now that it’s shorter, I can blame it on the dog. 4) I saved about 20 minutes on my morning routine by not having to shampoo, condition, dry or curl my hair. 5) Think of the savings in product costs!

I worked from home today as part of my adjustment period. Most of the day I went wig-less and I really didn’t mind. I think the decision to go short instead of straight to bald was a good one. It’s an easier transition, I think, although I don’t know if any if us are ready for total baldness.

I’ll be wearing my wig most of the weekend, as there are family events to attend. Marina has a meet in the morning and I just hope it’s not too windy! I think I will wear something hooded to be safe!

Thanks again, everyone, for the support! So many of you were so sympathetic to this particular issue and I greatly appreciate that!


3 thoughts on “The Continuing Story

  1. Michele, you continue to be an inspiration to all of us. You’re awesome. Enjoy your weekend. And your wig. Sue

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