Gone, Baby, Gone

Thanks to everyone who reached out to me yesterday via phone calls, texts, blog posts and Facebook messages!!!  Your support meant so much to me, and your kind words touched my heart.  I appreciate those of you who shared your own stories, as those strengthened me today.

After all was said and done, it wasn’t too bad.  I was grateful to have my faithful friends, Leann and Michelle, by my side through the whole thing, which helped tremendously.  Nothing like your girlfriends to make you laugh when you need it most.

At first we were concerned, as the girl who was going to cut my bangs was unprepared to also do the shaving.  After much searching for the “#8” attachment to cut it short but leave a little length, we were able to get started.  The girls and I were a little nervous when the stylist mentioned that she worked at Kmart’s hair salon (who knew they even had one??), but she really was great.  I was quite brave through the shaving, and it actually looked better than I anticipated.  Obviously I don’t LOVE it, but I don’t frighten myself when I look in the mirror!


After that, the stylist did a nice job of trimming and thinning the bangs on my wig.  Here’s a photo of the finished product, along with my girls!  It’s a little more golden blond than my usual color, but not bad.  I got a “hmm, pretty good” from Ethan when I got home, and David says he likes it.

When I got to mom’s tonight to pick up Ethan, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card from Ethan (all thanks to cousin Denise!!).  The card from Ethan read “Dear Mom, It’s ok that your medicine is making your hair fall out.  Hair or bald, you’ll always be sweet, like a sweetheart flower.  Love, Ethan”  (The sweetheart reference meaning the roses in the bouquet.)  Thanks, Denise, for thinking of not only me, but Ethan, on this emotional day!


I managed to wear the wig for about 6 hours today.  I wore it out for lunch, and at the pharmacy.  No one seemed to notice (despite my slight paranoia…).  Tomorrow I will work from home and continue to adjust before wearing it to work on Monday.  I think it will all be ok, as soon as the remaining hair stops hurting.  It’s amazing how sensitive a few little hair follicles can be!

Again, thanks to all of you for your loving words and generous spirits!!!  Special thanks to Leann and Michelle… I couldn’t have gotten through this without you!  Hugs and kisses!


11 thoughts on “Gone, Baby, Gone

  1. Your strength is inspiring. Your family amazing. Keep fighting. Your spirit always shines and expresses all beauty! Love u!

  2. You look BEAUTIFUL . . . I’m referring to the picture of you with your natural hair shaved short! Your beauty inside is what shines through, whether your face is framed by hair or not. ❤

  3. The picture looks amazing! Love the color, cut, and style. And your internal beauty will always shine!

    And, any day you need to cry …. cry. “To weep is to make less the depth of grief.”
    ― William Shakespeare

  4. You are welcome–we would do anything for you! and by the way she worked at the other “Mart” store that is super….LOL

  5. You are amazing and beautiful…..and the wig looks great. I think Ethan has inherited some of his writing skills from his Mom!

  6. You are doing such a service by talking about these challenges in such a very human way…thank you for humanizing what sometimes seems like such clinical stuff.

  7. You look like a movie star on the outside and an angel on the inside! I think of you every day.
    Love, Lyn

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