The Hugga Bunch

A big shout out to my cousin, Denise, for reading about my not being able to cuddle with Ethan after my MUGA scan.  She went above and beyond in the thoughtful department.  She went to Toys R Us and bought two “Huggables”, one an elephant (Ethan’s favorite animal) and one a giraffe (my favorite animal).  She got construction paper and markers so that Ethan could make a card.  Ethan, always the creative kid, made the best card ever, and they wrapped the elephant for me, and Ethan got to keep the giraffe, so that if either was not available, we’d have each other’s “Huggable” in place.  The plushes have been aptly named, Cuddles and Snuggles.  Thanks, Denise, for a very thoughtful gesture, and thanks, Ethan, for being the sweetest kid ever!

Love the ribbons!    

Other notes of interest, maybe!

  • I felt pretty good today!  Started with a mild headache which was handled nicely by Tylenol.  I did need a nap because the steroids kept me up until after 1 a.m.
  • Today was my Neulasta shot.  I thought it would be a quick in and out, and should have been.  However, I made the mistake of sitting in the waiting room after checking in; 45 minutes later, I asked if it was normal to have to wait that long.  The receptionist went to check and then out came 2 very apologetic nurses who explained that when you are there for a shot, you should come right back.  I would know this how? especially since it was my first shot.  Seems it was up to the receptionist to guide me to the right spot.  So, anyway, the shot was a non-event.  In the arm muscle, she went slow and it didn’t burn too much.  I medicated with Tylenol and Claritin when I got home.  This is the one that may cause bone pain.
  • Juicing continues; Ethan now goes “pulp solo”, as he calls it.
  • I had 3 awesome dishes delivered to me last night:  From Jenn, my neighbor-in-law, a yummy organic vegetable soup, with cauliflower, zucchini, kale, carrots, and lots of other nutritious items!  Mmmmm…  From Mom, an orzo salad with beans (good hot or cold) and a vegetable bean soup, which I will scan and post because it was great!  Thanks, Jenn and Mom!  You can cook for me ANY time!
  • We purchased an electric razor since they advise against nicks from shaving.
  • Water…. ugh.  The recommended fluid intake on these chemo drugs is 2-3 QUARTS a day.  Seriously?  That is 64-96 ounces!!!  Anyone who knows me well, knows that this is really hard for me.  At home, I’ve really been able to push the water, but I’m also counting my morning green drink, decaf tea, juicing and soup broth.  Call it cheating, if you must, but it got me to 69 ounces so far.  Whew.  So for all my work friends… this is your task:  If you see an empty water cup on my desk, remind me to fill it!!  My organs will thank you!

4 thoughts on “The Hugga Bunch

  1. Cuddles and Snuggles warmed my heart! Know how much that snuggle time is worth…hopefully back to it soon!

  2. Michele – as a work friend through the miles…I am filling your water glass every time it is empty! Pretty soon you’ll be going to the bathroom as much as “catch up” eligible yours truly 🙂 Lifting you up in prayer each day.


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