Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

11:15 am: Leann and I are off on our big adventure. Day One of chemo…

11:45 am: my virgin port has been popped. LOL! Works like a charm. Whew. Blood work taken. Now waiting to see the doctor.

12:15 pm: still waiting. Thank God for Leann and funny stories. Looking around, I am feeling pretty good about things. Perspective is everything. Some really sad people here.

12:45 pm: yep. Still waiting. Seriously? Another hour of my life I won’t get back.

1:15 pm: finally in to see the doctor!!!

2:00 pm: lovely visit with the doctor. Vital signs good. Confirmed tumor size really was 8 cm but she was very positive about everything. Linda, the nurse, is growing on me.
Now with Renee in the chemo bays. She talked me through everything and we’ll be ready to roll any minute now. First up: Emend which will take 30 minutes. Hoping to eat something as Leann and I have each had exactly one carrot for lunch so far.

2:10 pm: first fit of giggles with Leann. She was trying to find plastic forks or spoons so I could eat lunch. She came back with two coffee stirrers and I was trying to poke my chick peas. Le finally got them in a sandwich for me, until they started rolling out and onto the floor! We are better now. :).


2:35 pm: Aloxi push is done. Now on to Decadron.

3:00 pm: thought I would be done by now and we are just starting the first chemo: Taxotere. No worries, but the nurse needs to stand by my side for the first 15 minutes in case I have a reaction. Gulp.
As an aside, Taxotere is made from the periwinkle plant, the bark of the Pacific Yew tree, the May apple tree and the Asian “Happy Tree”.

3:30 pm: no reaction. As you were.

3:35 pm: 1.5 hours left.
Another aside: my MUGA scan was great. 60.1 with normal range 55-65.

3:45 pm: Leann goes for tea. Don’t ask but it was a good laugh for me.

4:15 pm: adriamycin. Aka “Adria” The scary one. Renee, my lovely nurse, said “she’s a good girl and does good things, but she’s got a nasty side”

4:30 pm: up and about to pee. Last chemo started. Cytoxan. Gotta love a drug with “tox” in the name. I thought I was supposed to avoid toxins??

4:45 pm: reading the precautions on my drugs. Found this one humorous: “do not conceive a child (get pregnant) while taking this drug.” Really? They have to explain what “conceive a child” means??

5:15 pm: done, checked out and on the way home! I feel great although I think chemo brain is already setting in. I texted David earlier that I would be home in 30 days, instead of minutes! 🙂

I love you, Leann! Thank you for always being there for me when I need you. First childbirth, now chemo! Together, we can do anything! Thanks for the laughs and the great company! Those six hours flew by (really!).


5:30 pm:  Stopped at the pharmacy to pick up my compazine and zofran (both anti-nausea drugs).  They only had one… “is the doctor going to call the other one in?”  Ummm.. it’s on the same page as the other one.  OH! The page was folded in half and no one bothered to look at the bottom.  Duh.

6:00 pm:  Home Sweet Home.  I feel great.  No effects of anything yet, which is because I’m still heavily medicated with the IV anti-nausea drugs and the steroid.  I still can’t believe we were there SIX hours.  Much of that was because of waiting for the doctor.  It should normally only take about 3 hours.  Tomorrow I return for my Neulasta shot; side effect is bone pain.  But it can be lessened with Tylenol and Claritan, of all things.  Makes you wonder who figured that one out!

Now to spend some quality time with my cutie pie (that would be Ethan) and have a bite to eat.

I am so grateful for all your good wishes and prayers today; they definitely helped!!  (And did I mention that Leann is just awesome!)  🙂


Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985) –


8 thoughts on “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

  1. I can see you are in rare form! I hope all goes smooth for you. Leann is a wonderful friend to have by your side!

  2. Glad to hear your day was as good as it could be! You were in my prayers this morning, hoping any fears or uneasy feelings would soon be eased. Continued prayers that there will be no side effects. Stay strong and hang in there girl, you amaze me!!

  3. I take a drug each day that is very toxic to a fetus so I cannot get pregnant (conceive a child) either and each month when I get my call to reorder they go through the same series of questions including that I am aware I have to use 2 methods of birth control. Sometimes a 20 something young man even goes through the list of contraceptives for me just in case I don’t know. I tell them I use three methods 1. infertility (had to inject myself with two drugs to have the two boys I have), 2. on an oral contraception (for polycystic ovarian syndrome) and 3. I will be 50 in Nov. I think I finally got them to agree to stop asking me those ones.

  4. Michele, you look WONDERFUL, just like your attitude!!! It is great to have a friend like Leann! God bless her, and you, of course!!! Thanks for the picture!! 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on lights cancer action! and commented:

    Happy Anniversary to Leann, my chemo buddy! One year ago today I started chemo with Leann by my side. My, how time flies… And as I have said before, “everyone needs a Leann”. Nothing like a girlfriend to make you giggle repeatedly while someone is injecting poison into your veins! Love you, my friend!

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