Sleep Tight

After too many sleepless nights, I went for the big guns:  Tylenol PM (ok, it’s generic cousin).  I am happy to report that, while it took me a little while to fall asleep, I did sleep well the rest of the night.  No bathroom trips, no nighttime musings, nothing.  The alarm actually scared the crap out of me because I am usually up before it goes off.  So tonight, I am hoping it works again.  I was trying to stay away from Tylenol (or any OTCs that were not absolutely necessary), as they do impact liver functioning.  But at this point, I figured I’d go for the sleep and obsess over my liver at some later date!

Thanks to those of you who reached out to me after yesterday’s blog.  Really, I was never under any serious threat to myself, just sharing what’s on my mind.  For those of you who have been through this, you know there’s a lot to think about, all in the name of trying to live a long, healthy, happy life.  And while the information is overwhelming sometimes, I think it’s important to be well-read just to know what questions to ask the doctor.  I am now fully armed with 2 pages of questions for my “patient education” session tomorrow.  I’m not sure I would have been quite so prepared if I hadn’t read up.  It’s hard to know what questions to ask when you don’t even know what’s about to hit.

Tomorrow should be a crazy day:  Work – MUGA Scan – Work – Patient Education – Work – Dinner with coworkers.  (Several team members from other sites are converging on Scranton for training… can’t wait to have my whole expanded team together!!)

My wig has been delivered, but I can’t pick it up until Friday.  I need to wait for the stylist and that’s the first appointment I could get.  Hope all those follicles stay put until then!  🙂 (I know… it takes a little more time than that.)  Gee, I have to wait ’til Friday???

Well, off to take my night time “meds”… I figure I’ll give it a better head start tonight.  Sleep tight, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Sleep Tight

  1. If you are worried about the Tylenol, try Benadryl or it’s generic equivalent. It’s the same sleep aide as Tylenol PM without the pain relievers. My oncologist recommended it 🙂 Sleep well.

  2. I’ve been taking TPM for years. Calm your mind, use some guided imagery. I know all of those deep late night thoughts. They are pretty scary. A survivor can look into your eyes and understand it all. Maybe not yet, but one day you will be thankful for this disease…Cancer will show you how to live. You can call me anytime day or night. You are soooo strong …you always have been. Be kind to yourself…be patient with yourself…live in the day. Life is fragile and tomorrow is promised to no one but those whose eyes have been opened by cancer learn to DANCE IN THE MOMENT! Can we toast to that? Xoxo

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