What’s Cooking?

I spent a good part of the day watching some videos from Look Good Feel Better program and reading some other breast cancer journey blogs.  So far I can tell I need to invest in some eyebrow-making gear, although it seems to be hit and miss in terms of whether the eyebrows depart with the hair.  I also need to start practicing the fine art of scarf tying.  A friend of a friend suggested You Tube (another shout out to technology!) and there are loads of demos on there.

I tried two new vegan recipes today.  The first was a Corn Chowder made with corn (of course), quinoa, rice milk, green chilies and some seasonings.  It was relatively quick to make and was pretty good.  I think I would add a little more seasoning, but it was a nice lunch.

For dinner, my new chef, my sister-in-law Sandy, made lasagna for everyone, and included a vegan version for me.  It was quite yummy, if not a little different from the original.  Instead of cheese, she used tofu, basil and spinach.  Very healthy; very good!  And yes, we are all becoming quite spoiled with incredible dinners being made and delivered!!  Thank you, Sandy (and Lester and Miranda and Marissa!)

Ethan and I tried a new juice tonight.  As recommended by a friend, we tried a juice of red beets and apples.  It was sweet and delicious!  (David didn’t like it too much… reminded him of having red beets forced on him in childhood!)  🙂

I need to come up with some kind of padding on my seat belt.  It, of course, crosses directly over my portacath.  Maybe over time it will feel better, as it heals, but for now, it’s quite uncomfortable.  I did remove the bandages today: four steri-strips and a purple bruise the size of a half dollar.  But overall, it looks pretty good.


One thought on “What’s Cooking?

  1. You make me hungry everytime you post. I am glad you are doing well. Ethan is being a champ joining in the healthy alternatives. And David, poor poor David, he needs to get the ataboy award for trying and giving you his honest opinion every time. You are very fortunate to have such a great, supportive family.

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