Quite an interesting and surreal experience shopping for wigs is.  My first recommendation for anybody who has to go through this: take a bunch of girlfriends!  That’s what I did, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their insight, opinions and support.  (Love you, Leann, Michelle and Lori!)  I tried on about 10 wigs and hated them all.  I was being harsh and ultra-critical, because I just didn’t really want to be there.  I’d actually still be there if I had gone alone!  It was particularly challenging trying on wigs that were the wrong color, especially the darker colors, just to see if I like the style.  On top of that, most of the wigs were intended for people with thick hair.  There were some styles that we liked that just didn’t make sense for me because my hair is so thin and fine; they were a bit to “poofy” for me.  But my friends kept me going through the process and we finally selected a style that we all liked (close to my style, not too poofy, and the most important characteristic: it had bangs).

Then it was on to color selection which was harder than selecting paint colors for your kitchen.  It’s so hard to imagine from a swatch what the color will look like on the finished product.  The girl helping us did find a full wig in the color we ultimately selected, so it was good to see it on an actual wig.  The “glazed apricot” was a perfect color, complete with red highlights, but unfortunately it didn’t come in that particular style.  So “ginger blond” it is.

We talked through the care of the wig, so at the very least I should save a lot of time each morning with washing and styling, not to mention the money saved on “product”!  (Despite the title, no hairspray allowed!)  The wig is on order and should arrive by Monday.

We did check out some scarves and cute little hats while we were there.  I’ll definitely have to pick up a few items when I go back!  My friend, Nurse Cathy, from pre-op also suggested checking out ACS, as she was able to get two additional (free) wigs from their stash.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be like Sherri Shepherd on “The View”; she’s got a different wig every day!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, to my girlfriends who held my hand through this process!!  I truly could not have done this without you!


9 thoughts on “Hairspray

  1. Michele- you are sooo amazing! I finished your book and have it for you at church this weekend, also, my green drink arrived today so trying it tomorrow- you are such an inspiration! You will be beautiful! inside and out!

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