You Again

Portacath procedure…

8:00 am: checked in at Admissions, as instructed. After 10 minutes, was advised that I was supposed to report directly to outpatient services.

8:15 am: changed into my lovely hospital gown waiting patiently. I sm hopeful not to wait another hour+ this time. At least I am armed with iPhone and book… Of course, for some reason, I can’t get my blog to publish. Grrr…

8:37 am: figured out the publishing and spent 5 minutes chatting with nurse Cathy from last visit. Love her! She’s not my nurse today but she had some great ideas for me (her mom had breast cancer).

9:14 am: blood drawn. IV in. Nice conversation with Marsha (stage 1 breast cancer 2 years ago). Now waiting.

9:30 am: off to the OR.

12:45 pm: on my way home. When they took me back to pre-op, I saw a friend from high school. She was in the next bed. Kind of funny. Hung out for a while, saw the anesthesiologist and met with Dr Farrell. Had some nice nurses and before I knew it, I was done.
I am a little sore, a bit like a toothache. I’m looking forward to some Tylenol, lunch, and a nap. In that order.


5 thoughts on “You Again

  1. Thinking of you Michele! Prayers that all goes swiftly and soon you are back home relaxing. Tell me about this Skinny Bitch book. There seem to be quite a few.

    • It’s the book with the thin chick on the cover. She’s got sunglasses. It’s by Rory and Kim (last names I can’t remember at the moment). It’s NOT a cookbook. Let me know if that doesn’t help and I can send a link when I get home.

  2. This one itself is easy peasy. My word of advice, take motrin or Tylenol as soon as you get home…it amazed me that I had my breasts removed and felt fine but this tiny little incision could throb like it did.
    On a lighter note-I talked the whole time to my surgeon about going to NYC to get a new Gucci bag and I remember NONE of the conversation. Those are some good drugs!!!!!!!
    Good luck, you’ll do great:)

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