Return to Oz

Man, is my tail dragging!  It was back to work day.

Don’t get me wrong, I was ready mentally and physically, but I’m definitely not used to putting in a full day’s work.  Well, not like I really DID do a full day’s work.  Much of today was spent catching up on emails and talking to a LOT of people.  It was great to have so many people welcome me back.  It sure made me feel good, and I even got a “welcome back” cake!  I enjoyed watching everyone enjoy the cake, but I did not partake.  How’s that for will power??

The 5:00 a.m. wake-up was tough.  I’ve been getting up around 5:45 a.m. to get Ethan ready for school, but those extra 45 minutes made a difference.

Admittedly, deciding what to wear was tough.  I opted for one of the lovely outfits my work girlfriends got me.  A shell with some draping in the front to make it look like I have something there, and a short-sleeved sweater to further carry off the camouflage.  It seemed to work, as everyone thought I looked great, and after the first hour or so I didn’t feel a bit self-conscious!  (well, maybe just a bit…)

I was worried about carrying the usual load of bags into work:  heavy laptop bag, lunch bag loaded with healthy goodies, and my purse, which is in serious need of purging!  But it actually wasn’t too bad; I managed to get in and out on my own.

I have found with my new “diet” that I’m not as hungry as I used to be.  Previously, I would eat/snack almost all day.  Today, while I packed “pre-surgery” volumes (all healthy, of course), I actually brought half of it home.  (See?  It is true… healthy foods actually make you feel FULL!)

I called the disability/FMLA line to close one claim and open the second claim for “intermittent” leave, and I will begin using it immediately!  🙂  Tomorrow, as I mentioned, is my procedure to implant the portacath.  Luckily, I don’t have to do any pre-admission tests, as the prior tests are all still valid.  I’m expecting a quick in and out, with the procedure actually occurring at 10:00.  I hope to be home by lunch (ok, maybe 1:00 to be realistic) for a quick bite and a nice nap, and then it’s back to work again on Wednesday.

Recipe update:  I’m easing my way into kale…  Our first use: Saute’d with olive oil and garlic, tossed with some red wine vinegar.  Pretty simple, but good (Ethan even ate some, although David seemed less than impressed).  I couldn’t believe just how dark these greens were: lots of nutrients!!!

Juicing continues (just for you, Les!):  Ethan suggested we add some kale to our juice this afternoon.  I honestly didn’t notice a big difference over the spinach it replaced.  I expected a stronger flavor, but it was just as yummy.

Books: I finished reading “Skinny Bitch” over the weekend.  For those of you looking for someone to smack you upside the head to jump start your new diet, this is the book for you.  The language can be brutal, and some of the descriptions may turn your stomach, but it’s great.  Much of the book reinforces some of the others I have read, but this one is written like your best friend grabbed you by the shoulders and shook some sense into you–could be life-changing for some.  I’m now reading “The Cancer Survivor’s Guide: Foods That Help You Fight Back” (I wish I could give credit to whomever recommended it, but I can’t remember; sorry!).  It has a lot of recipes in it, so I am hoping to find some new favorites.  A co-worker today also suggested “The Moosewood Cookbook”, so I have ordered that from Amazon!

Thanks in advance, everyone, to adjusting to this new time schedule for my daily post.  With being back to work now, the morning post is just not going to happen!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Return to Oz

  1. You looked absolutely fantastic today! And, of course, the outfit was perfect. You have such a positive attitude, you are an inspiration.

  2. I always have so much to take to and from school, that I use a bag on wheels. I put everything in there, even lunch bag and purse. Maybe that would be easier for you? 🙂 I am sure by this time of day, your procedure is over and you are home. Going to check if there are any new posts. Sorry I didn’t read this yesterday, to wish you luck.

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