The Hunger Games

While at yesterday’s cookout, there were not a ton of healthy choices.  Yes, I took a big fruit salad to ensure there was one healthy choice, but that certainly wasn’t enough to eat, so I was trying to decide which was the better choice: should I eat a hot dog or a hamburger.  I opted for the hot dog, with loads of sauerkraut and mustard.  My thinking was that there was less fat, I wouldn’t be tempted to add cheese, and it was smaller.  But I was curious if that was really the best choice (hot dogs have so many additives and I suppose you don’t really know what kind of “meat” is in it).  So I resorted to my trusty pal, Google, and by far, the hamburger won.  Here’s just one link of many that indicated I made the wrong choice (don’t worry, I’m not beating myself up too much; it was just one little ol’ hot dog):

I spent the morning prepping foods for the week.  I think I need a lot more practice with this healthy eating thing to identify my efficiency gains, but today was a good start.  I made homemade hummus, enough to get me through 3 lunches at work.  I chopped up cucumbers and made my favorite lunch side dish: cherry tomatoes, scallions, cilantro and lime juice.  (Although now that I think about it, I believe I used lemon juice by mistake!  oh well!  Should still be good!)  I made a double batch of rice and beans (pretty much the stuffing from last week’s vegetarian stuffed peppers) and froze half.  The rest will be available for all those quick meals and even as a side dish for dinner.  I also made a bunch of brown rice to have on hand, just because it takes so stinking long to make.  That’s certainly not happening quickly during the week.

The fridge is loaded with fruits and veggies for juicing after school with Ethan.  I missed juicing yesterday because of the busy schedule, so I definitely want to get back on track there.

So it’s off to work tomorrow.  I’ll get a whole day in and then will be off on Tuesday for my portacath (don’t want to do too much work all at once!).  While I’ve tried to keep my emails clean by checking them twice while I was out, there are tons of things to get caught up on, and I am looking forward to getting back to some semblance of normalcy in my life.  My work routine will be a welcome distraction amid everything else going on.

To my friends who are working on their sugar fasts and plant-based diets, I would love to hear how it is going!!


3 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. I am really interested in trying to go semi-vegan (and sans sugar); your posts are very informational. The post about Kale with the recipe link from a friend of yours has inspired me to try cooking it. (First I have to find out what it looks like, kale is not a staple in my household).
    Good luck at work Monday, one step closer to normalcy, right?

    • I actually had a hard time finding kale. Best bet: Wegmans. They have everything. I don’t have all the ingredients for that recipe do I’m going to try juicing some and maybe sautéing some with a little garlic and olive oil for dinner. Good luck and let me know how it goes. I will send you an email with some info on sugar.

  2. LOL! In your previous post that I just read, I suggested “sauteing the kale in olive oil and a little garlic” 🙂 Great minds… ha! I have found kale in HUGE bags @ Wal-Mart, although it is not organic. You can definitely get at least 3 meals from the huge bag…if it is still sold there.

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