10 thoughts on “Change of Habit

  1. Love Love Love this… I have been plant based since December and feel like super woman most days. Green juice is the best energy drink. If you ever need recipes let me know I have tons of books and recipes from the internet.

  2. Very good news! Excited for you. Also, it’s wonderful inspiration for me to go to my kitchen right now and juice!

  3. Cancer has an amazing way of getting us to pay attention to our bodies. When I looked at my grey pale skin and bald head midway thought my ACT chemo, I looked like a stranger to even myself. I realized the eyes are the path to the soul. The eyes were the part of me that seemed recognizable to me in the mirror. Secondly, I learned that we truly are our soul or spiritual self and our body only houses our spirit.. In the past my body has let me down, but most times now I need to do better by my body and take care of it in a more loving way. If I ever need to fight this battle again I will need my body to be strong to help me beat it again to see all my dreams come true.

  4. Hi Michele, I know good foods do make a huge difference. When I returned from India, I realized that I never felt better than the week I was there. I had no headaches, no backaches, a full night of sleep every night, and I felt great EVERY day. I realized that I only ate fresh foods and lots of veggies. The only meat I ate was chicken. I had no processed foods the entire week.
    Give me some details on these ‘green’ drinks you are referring to. You have my interest!
    Glad you are feeling okay and catching up on movies. Talk you to soon.

  5. I have been a pescatarian now for about 4 years when my teenage son decided to be a vegetarian. Don’t get me wrong I still eat some bad stuff. Would love to get into juicing. Do you have a juicer that you tried and like? I have a colleague who did a raw diet for about 3 months and he brought great things to work. It is amazing what a dehydrator can do. I am enjoying your blog and your strength and faith are inspiring.

    • Joanne, I actually had to go look up pescatarian!! New term for me. (For my other blog followers: Pescatarian is the practice of a diet that includes seafood but not the flesh of other animals. A pescetarian diet shares many of its components with a vegetarian diet and includes vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, beans, eggs, and dairy, but unlike a vegetarian diet also includes fish and shellfish.) I could see me following more of that lifestyle than a true vegan or vegetarian. A dear friend gave me an extra juicer that she had and it worked great. It’s a Cuisinart Juice Extractor (CJE-1000). I’ve only used it once, but it was easy to assemble and use. In Crazy, Sexy Diet, I know there’s a section that describes the different types of juicers. I can look that up and post the information tomorrow. Thanks for your comment!!

  6. Other related films on Netflix: The Gerson Miracle & The Beautiful Truth. They are kinda boring I must admit (really slow pacing), but filled with great info. It goes over the Gerson Therapy – a nutrition based therapy that cures cancer.

    On Amazon.com: Healing Cancer From the Inside Out – DVD and Book by Mike Anderson talks about healing cancer with nutrition because it helps your immune system do its job. Folks from the other films you watched are featured in the DVD. His DVD “Eating” is very similar to Forks Over Knives and goes with the book The Rave Diet. All good stuff and very affordable on Amazon.

    You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay is also a really awesome DVD and book that looks at the spiritual and emotional side of things, too.

  7. Michele! I am right there with you on the plant based way of eating. I just recently started juicing every day and already look forward to it each day. I “cheat juice” which I think is easier and actually gets me all the nutrients, being able to drink the entire veggie/fruit, skin, seeds and all (unless large pit like the peach) The naturopath I went to see suggested using a regular blender, organic carrot or vegetable juice, 1 leafy green (my fav is kale), 1-2 softer veggies and 1 fruit for taste. I also add cinnamon, flax seed, a shake or two of tumeric (thanks to you) and some ice. I have added a lot of veggie soups, interesting salads, and vegetable baked goods to my everyday eating. Thank goodness for the support of Frank b/c you would swear we have become rabbits… and he loves his meats haha! Recently I have been reading Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures, it goes right along with plant based eating. Also, my mom, Amy and I have been interested in things that Dr. Joel Fuhrman says, not that I want to give you more reading to do lol. I will leave you with this, you have inspired my lunch for tmw (since I now plan out breakfasts, lunches and dinners so much more!)… homemade hummus it is! Thanks for being such a positive inspiration 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenn! It’s nice to have company on this road-less-traveled! In the end, I truly believe it is the key to our wellness. I am currently reading The Moosewood Cookbook, which is a vegetarian cookbook from the 1970s! A friend from work recommended it and there appear to be some yummy recipes. I will be sure to pass them along as I try them (and the pass muster!). Enjoy your hummus… one of my faves, and loads of protein! 🙂

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