13 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. I am so thrilled to hear the sentinel node was negative. My worst memory of the surgery was radiology giving me those 5 injections for the sentinel test. I like you felt little discomfort after this surgery. One piece of advice if I may, if you feel tears just cry. I remember getting this overwhelming sense if sadness day 2 post-op and I couldn’t stop crying. I tried fighting it because I couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden this was happening. The surgery does so much to your hormones and it will take a while to level out. You didn’t mention drains….how many?!? I truly couldn’t be happier your nodes weren’t affected, with our diagnosis, it is such an important piece of the giant puzzle that us cancer. Please let me know if you need anything!!

    • Thanks, Jenn! I have 2 drains. And thanks for the advise. Right now I feel stable and happy to have it fine, but I know that can change at a moment’s notice. Thanks for being a part of my lifeline!!

  2. Oh Michele, so happy that the surgery went well and is now behind you. Wishing you all our love from Richmond and Western PA and Tennessee (Aunt Judi has the Sisters of Mercy praying world wide!)

  3. Aren’t those leggy things sexy? Keep working through the pain. As my mother would say…offer it up! Michele. I guess we really did leave CJ in the back of the car! Scarred her for life apparently.

  4. You are just too AMAZING!!!!! so happy to hear that you are doing so well. Fantastic news about the lymph glands… You are in my thoughts and prayers… ❤

  5. So glad you are doing so well!!! Can’t wait to know that you are “right next door”….literally. On to healing now!!! ; )

  6. Michele – you are incredible. Absolutely love reading your posts and find you braver than ever. And not a bad author! Have you considered a second career????? SO glad you’re doing SO well.

    P.s. That high pain tolerance you have comes from years of UAT.

    Stay strong,

  7. Michele, I was so happy to see you sitting in that chair waving to me. Words cannot describe your willpower and positive attitude. Your outlook is truly inspiring. We will be calling you for a dose of inspiration during challenging times ; )
    Love, Lyn and Rob

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