4 thoughts on “The Double

  1. Even though your tests state that your adrenal glands and pancreas are “unremarkable” , I find everything about you to be incredibley remarkable. You have such a good, take charge attitude of the whole situation. You are in my prayers daily, and you already know I’m at your beck and call whenever you need anything. Love you Michele, (scout sister)

  2. Michele, when faced with the same dilemma, my mom chose both for the same reason. She’s a 30- year survivor and thank God hasn’t had any return. ALWAYS do what is right for you even though you’ll get LITS of (well-intentioned) advice. Hang in there!

  3. I believe your statement about God placing people in our lives when and where we need them. Your blog and your spirit will most definitely be the right thing at the the right time for oh so many people..not just cancer patients,but anyone who needs to know what the term “Inspiration” means. I am here if you should need anything at all. ❤

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