5 thoughts on “Opening Scene

  1. Michele-This is brilliant!! I myself was dealt the Invasive Lobular diagnosis in April 2010. I can also tell you every inch of my pathology report and what it means as can you. We are unique in this diagnosis as the vast percentage of Breast Cancer is IDC. We have been dealt a more difficult hand but, we will persevere through it. I believe you have made the best choice possible with the information at hand and, my double mastectomy was by far the easiest surgery I’ve had and, I’ve had many. Never did I look back at what I lost, I looked forward to what I was going to gain…my life back. Cancer is an all controlling villain and presents itself in what feels like the most difficult moment you’ll ever face. Two years into my journey and I feel as if I did before hearing the words…”you have an invasive, aggressive Breast Cancer.” I often think to be turning 38 and have Breast Cancer doesn’t seem right, hell, it’s not right at any age. There are days I think about it constantly and there are days I think about it minimally but, never a day I don’t think about it. I am reminded daily how lucky I am and thankful for each lesson this journey taught me. There is no navigation system for Cancer however, you have a support system that will guid you every step of the way. I wish you the best and look forward to continued reading.

    • Thank you, Jenn, for sharing your own story! It’s so comforting to connect with women who have gone through this. I remember following along with your challenges through your mom. I’m glad you are 2 years out, and here’s to many more! I agree that’s it will just become a part of who we are: we’re survivors!! Thanks again for your comments, and for following!

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    Today, I reached the anniversary of the start of this blog. I was so excited to get the “Happy Anniversary” notification from WordPress.com! What started as something more utilitarian has evolved into so much more! Blogging has helped me to make some pretty dramatic changes in my lifestyle (mostly on the eating front) and to share what I have learned with all of you. I have connected with some amazing women, across the globe, who share their respective journeys. I never thought that, at a year out, I would still be writing this, but here I am! Thanks to all of you who continue to follow.
    The year in numbers…
    247 blogs published to date
    24,748 hits
    best ever day: 478
    45 countries
    404 official followers (not counting those of you who read the printed version I share with my parents!)
    18 blogs that I follow within WordPress (I follow several others outside of of WP)
    Thanks again for taking this ride with me! Great having you along!

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