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12 O’clock High

4:30 am: my last shower with “the girls”. I say my goodbyes.

5:45 am: in the car, on the way to the hospital. Taking the scenic route as David got on the highway by mistake. (I was blogging on my phone and clearly not paying attention…)

6:00 am: Arrived at the hospital. In my lovely hospital gown and have been waiting ever since.

7:45 am: 105 minutes of waiting and nothing so far.

7:50 am: someone finally spoke to me! I wasn’t very nice to the nurse, but she was very understanding. I’m better now. Scheduled for my radioactive isotope at 8:30.

8:25 am: still waiting for my iv… And my ride to radiology will be coming soon…hmm.

9:15 am: I’m in nuclear medicine and just got 4 injections of a substance that will identify the sentinel lymph node. Wow! Did those suckers hurt! The needle was small but the solution burned like hell. Luckily the burning subsided quickly, but whew! I’m glad that part is over. Waiting a while now and will have some scans done in a bit to locate the nodes. They will mark my skin so the surgeon knows where to go.

The shots contain a specific ingredient that the lymph nodes attract. The four shots were around where the tumor is. The injections go just under the skin and create little bubbles, kind of like a bee sting.

10:00 am: done with nuclear medicine. Sentinel node found. Skin marked and transporting back to pre op. Steve, my technician, was awesome! He kept me so informed, answered all my questions, and was super nice!
Next up: surgery! (Has to be better than those damn “bee bites”! At least I will have good drugs…)

10:40 am: Mom and Dad arrived! Waiting for the doctor and anesthesiologist.

11:00 am: had a visitor, a friend who works in the hospital. Nice surprise!

11:10 am: anesthesiologist just here. Getting close.

11:30 am: Dr Farrell just here. Time to roll. See you on the other side of surgery.

5:30 pm: DONE!!! And the best news of all: lymph nodes are clean! No cancer cells!

6:30 pm: just had dinner and changed into my pj’s. ūüôā So far I am feeling pretty good but I know those OR meds are going to wear off at some point! Since morphine and Vicodin made me puke when I had my kidney surgery, we are going to try dilaudid(sp?). Sounds like I will be here until (likely) Sunday or Monday.

Thank you for all your prayers!! There was certainly some power in them today!!! Your texts, FB posts, emails and blog comments kept me distracted through all the waiting, and I am feeling really blessed right now!!

P.S. I wasn’t able to get a photo or even a look at my tumor. I really wanted to see it, and I did ask, but no-go!